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  • XPG Flame memory modules have been designed for gaming notebooks. They provide an instant upgrade from DDR3 and a better starting point for new systems, always delivering higher speeds and improved efficiency. XPG Flame makes a world of different in gaming, so make sure your notebook is geared up.
  • DDR4 outperforms DDR3 with improved performance and lower power consumption. Operating voltage has decreased from 1.5V to 1.2V, which is a 20% reduction in power draw, keeping systems at lower temps for more stable operation. XPG Flame DDR4 SO-DIMM overclocks superbly at just 1.2V, achieving much higher clock frequencies than DDR3- an overclocker's dream come true!
  • XPG Flame has full Intel XMP 2.0 (Extreme Memory Profile) compatibility to make memory overclocking effortless when installed on notebooks that also support XMP 2.0: better performance, less steps needed!
  • For PC enthusiasts and gamers, good system stability really matters, so XPG Flame DDR4 SO-DIMM memory modules feature high-quality PCBs to improve signal transfer quality and maintain great stability even if the system operates in high speeds or is taking on heavy multitasking.
  • XPG Flame DDR4 memory modules are made using high quality chips selected through a strict filtering process. They are equipped with the finest PCBs and pass rigid reliability and compatibility tests to ensure longevity and rugged durability, which are vital for overclocking, gaming, and extreme bench-marking.

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